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Wide Style

Demo Wide content without sidebar

The most important and common widgets are handily prepared in default installation. You can always access them in your widget bar.
- heading widget is enriched by anchor option which scrolls user to a specific heading on a long page. Also, headings are clickable by adding a link.
- text widget has the most modern text editor TinyMCE 4: new styles, table management, more list options and nice internal linking.
- divider widget lets you add more space between paragraphs.
- image widget is now responsive – when moved from one place to another it automatically adapts to the new space. Images can also be edited inline.
- gallery comes with all the same options as individual image: set lightbox/link settings, swap the order with a simple drag&drop.
- video widget is also responsive and adapts to the surrounding area. It accepts YouTube and Vimeo videos.
- map widget can be also edited inline by using the handler on the bottom right corner. Browse your location and select point for the marker.
- file widget lets you upload any content and make it downloadable for users.
- html widget gives you the freedom to embed any line of code desirable – from Twitter posts to customized maps, etc.
- form widget comes with a new nice editor and now user has full control over recipients list of each individual form.